A List of the Many Stretch Wrap Applications

A List of the Many Stretch Wrap Applications

By AAA Polymer | Stretch Wrap

Feb 26

Are you worried that your large order may be damaged or compromised in transit, making you lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars? Are you scared of dirt, dust, and moisture seeping into your precious cargo? Businesses that ship massive orders on pallets or move delicate products over large distances should consider one of the many stretch wrap applications. 

Stretch film or stretch wrap is a versatile, highly stretchable, low-density polyethylene plastic that has a multitude of different applications. At AAA Polymer, we are a leading supplier of stretch film and stretch wrap for all types of business, including building supply companies, warehouses, distribution companies, shipping companies, moving companies, and more.

We offer a variety of gauges, widths, and rolls across a robust selection of different types of films, including: 

We are passionate about our products, and we are always willing to help those we serve discover new stretch wrap applications. Let's take a closer look at some of the most common and not-so-common stretch wrap applications. And if you have questions about how you can apply stretch wrap in your facility, don't hesitate to give us a call!

Securing Pallets Is the Most Common Stretch Wrap Application

Arguably the most common stretch film application to secure pallets. Suppliers stack the boxes upright onto a pallet and wrap it around with stretch film. It’s that simple. Efficient, low cost and effective at keeping heavy loads together, it’s a no brainer approach to keeping orders intact. At AAA Polymer, we can work closely with you to help you choose the best film for the types of pallets you're shipping — whether it's Type A, Type B, or Type C pallets. In either case, we'll help you find the ideal solution.

Transportation Protection Is a Strategic Stretch Film Application

No matter the mode of transportation, the rigors of being moved can wreak havoc on virtually any product. Stretch wrapping items can secure large and small items from potentially banging into other things along the journey. 

Moving companies often use stretch wrap to secure furniture and other delicate items from wear and tear that happens when you pack multiple objects into a small space. It can be wrapped around dressers to keep the drawers in, be used to protect ceramics and can act as a security blanket for other delicate items.

Stretch Film Applications for Bundling

The really excellent attribute of stretch wrap is that it is available as hand stretch film and machine stretch film. If you're only looking to protect a few items, hand stretch film can be used to quickly bundle loose items or products together into units for transportation, sale, or inventory management. 

Stretch wraps are excellent for bundling smaller products into larger units or even bundling items like dowels, rods, and tubing. At AAA Polymer, we partner with businesses across all industries to provide reliable and dependable stretch film for bundling. Some of the most common bundling stretch film applications include:

  • UPS, FedEx, and other shippers use it to wrap multiple packages together for shipping.
  • Floor distributors and installers quickly and easily wrap baseboards and other types of floor materials for fast and efficient transportation to different sites.
  • Moving companies regularly use stretch film over tape because it doesn't have the potential to damage a homeowner's valuables or leave a residue.
  • Picture frame makers use stretch film and corner guards to protect frames throughout shipping, transportation, and storage.
  • Building materials are often bundled with stretch wraps and film for storage and delivery.
  • Cabinet makers often wrap cabinets to prevent doors from swinging open while in transport. And using stretch film doesn't leave a residue like tape and other materials.
  • Carpet mills use film to secure carpet rolls and keep them tight.

Color Stretch Film Applications Simplify Inventory Management

Colored stretch films are a great way to manage inventory and store items. And AAA Polymer's colored stretch film is transparent and can still be seen through after making several revolutions. Many of our customers use colored stretch film for transportation or storage to quickly identify classes or groups of products. 

You can choose colored stretch films in a range of colors, including blue, yellow, green, red, and orange. And when you have multiple product loads color-coded, it makes inventory management and identification easier than ever. 

Stretch Films Can Be Used to Display Items Without Worry

Instead of having products in a cardboard box for sale, business owners can leave their items in the display without compromising a potential accident from happening. Whether you want to display picture frames, pottery or collectible items, stretch wrap is an inexpensive way of protecting your investments from clumsy guests.

Wrap up Rolls or Reels with No Ties

Instead of tying up rolled products such as carpets or wire reels, just wrap it up. The problem with ties is they can leave indents, or even worse, unravel during transport. Since the film sticks to itself, just roll up anything that needs to be compacted together and the stretch wrap will keep it fitted. This also frees up a lot of space, allowing you to ship more products per cargo.

Contact AAA Polymer for Stretch Film for All Applications

Regardless of your needs, AAA Polymer will help you find the perfect stretch film. Contact us today to learn more or find the most suitable stretch film for your application.

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