How to Choose the Best Can Liners for Every Industry?

How to Choose the Best Can Liners for Every Industry?

By AAA Polymer | Can Liners

Aug 29

When it comes to choosing the best trash can liner for every industry, there are no universal solutions. Instead of choosing the trash can liner by the specific industry, it's best to choose the can liner for the specific application. 

For example, if your business requires large trash bags for collecting yard waste, the most ideal solution would be to choose garbage bags that are best suited for the task at hand. Because this can be confusing and requires a certain level of expertise, the AAA Polymer team can help.

We will conduct our simple but thorough can liner audit to uncover your needs and discover unique opportunities for savings. Then, we will suggest the best trash can liners for your unique industry and application. To date, we have been able to save our clients thousands of dollars by simply switching to the best can liner. 

With all of that being stated, there are certain industry trends and needs that may indicate one type of trash liner over the other. Let's take a closer look at those commonalities as well as the best types of trash can liners that may be ideal for each industry.

Bathrooms Usually Use High-Density Garbage Bags

Your bathrooms are one of the most frequently visited spaces in your building. As such, it's the last place you want busted or failed trash liners. Even though most bathroom trash cans will house used paper towels, personal items and heavier wet paper towels can increase the stress on these can liners.

Needless to say, it's important the restroom or bathroom can liner is up to the task. For the most part, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) can liner will suffice. High-density can liners are strong and best suited for accommodating trash without jagged edges, such as plastic cutlery or other sharp objects. 

Office Can Liners Can Be High-Density Liners  

Choosing a trash bag or can liner for an office desk is very similar to a restroom. The office desk will usually only be used for lighter trash with occasional sharp objects. As a result, choosing an economical, lightweight, and strong high-density can liner usually suffices.

As previously mentioned, high-density can liners are best for non-sharp objects and trash that doesn't cause punctures. If you need heavier-duty can liners for office desks, consider stepping up to low-density commercial can liners. 

Public Areas and Parks Use Thicker, Low-Density Liners

When it comes to trash bags for public areas and parks, avoiding messy leaks and spills is usually the top priority. But because parks and public area trash cans can literally be used for virtually anything, it's best to choose a bag that is rugged and constructed out of material thick enough to suffice. We regularly suggest a thicker, low-density can liner designed to accommodate bulky trash, broken bottles, sticks, and whatever else. 

3.0 Mil, Linear Low-Density Bags Are Best for the  Construction Industry

Can liners for the construction industry are among the most rugged and durable. Because of this, it's important to choose low density (LD) or linear low density (LLD) trash bags. These types of bags are the most reliable, sturdiest types of trash bags you can find. 

Low density and linear low-density resins are more suitable for handling waste that may puncture or tear through an average commercial trash bag with ease. These bags are engineered to accommodate metal, wood, cardboard, glass, and other irregularly shaped items used on construction sites. 

In addition to the resin, the thickness of the construction garbage bag is key. The thickness of contractor trash bags is measured in Mil. As a rule of thumb, the lower the Mil, the lighter it is, so you should look for a trash bag of a higher Mil.

Specifically, quality construction trash bags will range from 3.0 Mil up to 6.0 Mil. These thick, tough trash bags offer an unparalleled level of puncture and tear resistance.

You should also opt for a bag with a flat seal. Bags with flat seals are not limited to the shape of the container and can even stand up on their own to be used as a free-standing debris collection solution. 

The Landscaping Industry Requires Extremely Rugged Trash Bags

Similar to contractor trash bags, landscaping can liners must be extremely rugged and capable of securely handling jagged items. These bags must have the ability to resist tears and withstand rigorous use. As a result, the best solution will be made from low-density resin material and linear low-density resin.

The best contractor trash bags used by landscaping companies range from 3.0 Mil up to 6.0 Mil and boast an unparalleled level of tear and puncture resistance. When it comes to seals, flat seals are the go-to choice for landscaping companies. While these bags do not conform to the shape of the container, they can stand upright on their own. 

Contact AAA Polymer for the Best Can Liners for Every Industry

Since 1974, AAA Polymer has been helping businesses across all industries choose the best trash bag and can liners. In addition to the best type of can liner for the specific industry, we also work to help businesses determine the best length and size bag. In doing so, we can help you save thousands of dollars on trash bags. 

Contact AAA Polymer today for your free can liner audit.

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